Em & Sprout started as a creative outlet for me, Lindsay, co-owner and designer. I named the shop after my two cats Em and Sprout, and they inspired a lot of the initial cat themed creations. If you remember me from way back when you may remember my handcrafted cat mary janes, which turned into handcrafted mary janes in all sorts of different animals, monsters, Halloween themes, and more! With my husband's expertise in screen printing I was also able to bring screen printed goods to my customers showcasing my designs. Eventually I started designing and offering all sorts of fun items to the shop using my designs including bags, dresses, enamel pins, jewelry, plush and much much more! Today, Em & Sprout is very much a joint effort between me, my husband and our team who work tirelessly behind the scenes making sure we're a smooth sailing ship. We pride ourselves on bringing you awesome new designs & amazing service.
Thank you for reading!! We love our customers!
The Em & Sprout team